The World's First Guaranteed Outdoor 3D Lenticular! is proud to announce: Outdoor Lenticular with a guarantee.

  • One Year Guarantee on Inks Ensures No-Fade in Direct Sun for 365 days.
  • UV outdoor inks are printed directly onto the lens. No water-soluble paper to delaminate, discolor, or mildew.
  • Direct to lens printing keeps image in pitch. (If plastic expands from heat, image moves with lens, rather than picture and lens separating, causing unsightly loss of pitch.)
  • Brilliant "Double Strike" printing capability provides color saturation for outdoor lightboxes.

Quality !! Gone are the visual artifacts, shimmering phenomena and vertical banding mumbo-jumbo. After years of reviewing and testing flat-bed inkjet systems, Big3D is excited to introduce to you our flat-bed printing solution that will make our crisp, large format lenticular printing more durable, cost effective and available to a broader mix of single and multi-panel graphic applications.

World's largest flatbed - 122 x 138 inches - Added Benefit: we can print a 4-panel rollable pop-up display in one pass with accurate phasing. Because ink is printed directly on the lens, no delamination can occur when rolling.

Litho Customers: Big3D also offers outdoor inks on litho printed lenticular sheets. Auto Grade inks are available and rated for one year.

Our special outdoor inks are absolutely guaranteed by us for one year against significant fading in direct sun exposure. (Please note that the ink will outlast many of the plastic lens materials available. For outdoor conditions, acrylic based plastic lenses have a much higher melting temperature than do the PETG plastic lenses.)